Felder Group
kappa 400 x-motion

 A masterpiece of ­engineering.
The ultimate in precision and smoothness

This precision guiding system will carry maximum loads without compromising the smooth and accurate stroke of the sliding table. The “X”-configuration of the roller bearings optimally distributes workpiece weight to all sides. With a roller bearing system, the full width of the bearing is in contact with the guiding track. With no single point of contact between the bearing and the guiding track as found on conventional ball bearing systems, the roller bearing will never wear a groove into the guiding track. This ensures play-free guiding for the lifetime of the machine. The “X-Roll” system is backed with a 10-year factory guarantee.




kappa x-motion: Standard

CNC-drive control unit with 5.7” (145 mm) TFT screen situated in the overhead control panel
- Positioning control of the saw blade height
- Positioning control of the saw blade angle
- Automatic cutting depth compensation when tilted
- Saw speed display
- Control for variable saw blade speed ()
- Positioning control of the rip fence with automatic measurement correction when the saw blade is at an angle
- All possible functions also available in touch control mode
- 99 storage locations in the tool database
- 9x 99 storage locations for cutting programs
+ Program with stored functions (grooves, row of grooves, rabbets, wrong mitre, mitred cuts, calculator)   



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