Skipper 130



NC processing centre



Personalisation in real time.

Skipper 130 is an NC processing centre that allows the processing of panels of completely different formats in sequence, and without interruptions. It's ideal for the nonstandard production of large companies, for producing small batches for third parties, and for those requiring just-in-time flexible production.




Complete flexibility for machining panels of different thicknesses and sizes. Simultaneous, continuous machining operations on both the upper part and the lower part, without the need to feed the panels through the machine several times


Skipper can easily perform “through” operations without any risk of splintering the material. It also processes “breathable” materials and very small pieces perfectly.





Integration in line

Reduced loading times, thanks to the system that automatically positions the panels up against the stops. Skipper 130 can easily be integrated in a cell with a robot or with automatic loading/unloading systems.     



The piece size measuring system verifies the exact thickness of the panels in real time, automatically adjusting the machining depth as necessary.



Automatic repositioning of the vices during the machining operation. No need for tooling operations or additional adjustments: Skipper 130 is always ready for use.




Maximum performance for every function.


Electrospindles with ISO30 coupling for changing the milling tools quickly and easily


Blades unit can work 0 / 90 degree for X and Y axis