Eko 2.1



Real-time panel 
machining centre


Minimum footprint,
maximum performance

Brema Eko 2.1 is the new compact and versatile vertical boring machine that supports the machining of different thickness and size formats within a reduced footprint. It is the ideal solution for “just in time” manufacturing for artisans, small companies and special components within large companies.


Maximum manufacturing efficiency


The laser scanner system that detects the start and the end of the panel enables the machine to compensate dimensional errors, correcting the panel's X dimensions


8-position tool magazine that manages different types of aggregates, thus increasing the machine's versatility



Compact power

Brema vertical boring machines can carry out all boring, milling and glue and dowel insertion operations, as well as boasting the ability to manage additional hardware inserts. The structure of these machines has been designed to achieve optimal loading and unloading ergonomics, with a small footprint which saves 50% of space, in addition to offering zero set-up times and high levels of productivity.

The vertical position of the panel and the technical characteristics of these vertical boring machines allow for the processing of more delicate surfaces. A perfect combination of Biesse technology and Italian genius.