Opera 5



Finishing Center



Ultimate Units

A comprehensive range of units can be combined and repeated within the machine in 4 positions, delivering a quality for any type of panel finish that is vastly superior to the market standard



The HPG UNIT is recommended for the calibration of blockboard panels and supports the removal of several millimetres of material in a single run.


Opera 5 can be a multi-functional sanding centre combining calibration units and soft rubber sanding rollers.




Simple, functional cutting-edge technology


Opera 5 is equipped with a thick, wear-resistant stainless steel fixed worktable that guarantees precision and sturdiness for any type of processing operation.




Ease of use and power

The IPC system is the highest expression of sanding machine management technology available on the market.

IPC is a range of Control systems that are integrated into the machine via 8” or 15” Touch Screen monitors. This type of control system supports the management of all machine parameters, providing the operator with timely and intuitive information.