Rover A FT



NC processing centre



A single processing centre
for all types of machining operations.

Rover A FT is the new entry-level processing centre for nesting machining operations aimed at craftspeople and small enterprises that offers top-of-the-range technology at a competitive price point.


Compact footprint and superior ergonomic performance.

Rover A FT in the stand-alone version is the most compact solution on the market. It enables the operator to access the machines' three sides, guaranteeing maximum ergonomic comfort and safety.

The rack magazine with 6/8 positions supplies a simple and functional solution with minimum footprint.



Productive economy

Skill processing centres for Nesting use the same high quality components for all products in the Rover range. These centres provide finished products with just one machine in operation, and offer various loading and unloading solutions, which are customised according to production cycles, resulting in significant reductions in production costs. 



High reliability and precision over time



The Gantry structure with dual engine is designed to increase precision and reliability standards for the execution of machining operations.


Higher motor power increases acceleration up to 4 m/s2 and speed up to 100 m/min.